tetor3That Daddy Lumba is a music legend is no news but therein lies the secret; that there is a Ga Lumba.

Adotey Tetor has been on the music scene for aeons now but has been known around Ga settlements and among Ga’s but the quality of Tetor should have made him a national hero as is Amakye Dede and Kojo Antwi.

Tetor’s music has been the main dish served at outdoorings, funerals, marriage ceremonies and at other social meetings but the talented man has not featured into mainstream society because of lack of proper management. I do not know if he has a team in place but there is need to brand him, his music as well as embark on a shoot and reshoot of his video clips.

The thing about Tetor is his ability to churn out thought provoking secular tunes whiles having the stamina to deliver some soul searching gospel music when the mood dictates very much like Lumba.

With songs like adro dzalu, ma mei bo mi nyonmo, mei bei-mei bei, namo aale and smash hits oha edomi, esaake male nyonmo there is no reason why this dread locked brethren should not be winning various awards and be invited to grace occasions.

It is my hope that Adotey lands an astute executive producer to help transform his musical career for the better.

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