ImageIt is that again when politicians have to rely on artiste to churn out campaign songs for them to help keep the grounds active and garner votes for the candidates.

So far the NDC and NPP seem to be leading the way whiles the PPP closely follows. Despite recent songs to help bolster the campaign, the NDC have had to rely on the evergreen ‘from Victory to Victory’ song of Jewel Ackah. Though originally a Christian song rallying soldiers for Christ, the highlife touch Ackah gives the rework which contains all the mantras ehe dzo, eye zu-eya za among others has made the song NDC’s all time greatest hit with Jeremiah Rawlings, Prof. Mills and John Mahama all utilizing it to great effect.

The NPP will not be left behind when it comes to the campaign songs, the songs of the last campaign such as Kukurudo by Lumba and Esuro Ho by Kwabena Kwabena are still in motion but perhaps the most brazen effort is that of gospel musician Great Ampong who espouses all the positive attributes of the candidate Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP party. The song is enjoying massive airplay and seems to be new song the NPP is rallying around for victory.

Paa Kwesi Ndoum’s PPP will not be left out and so it is to highlife that the party has turned to. Their campaign song is a catchy tune and the singing reminds one of the western diamonds days and oh how could I have missed the “peace perfect peace” insert after all don’t we all want peace.

But on the musical front where are the CPP, GCPP,PNC and independent candidates. May the best music win.

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