ImageMy elders kindly help me give an “ayeeko” to D-Black the Ghanabuoy on his recent track “Vera” featuring Joey B. What is making this track really unique is that D-Black uses humour to tackle a very serious societal happening.

What is even killing me the more about this track is the use of exclamations such as Eh, Ah, Oh, Herh, Aooo, I just cannot help myself with laughter anytime I hear the song.

To think that D-Black actually came into the music scene not too long ago on the wings of then music partner Kweku-T but later decided to go solo and has been making waves including earning a nomination at (BET) is a feat many would envy.

Ever since “maturing” D-Black has gone on to release “Somebody” with Kwabena Kwabena, “Asabone” with Reggie Rockstone, and “My kinda girl” with Sarkodie but in my arrogant view “Vera” with Joey B is his best work yet.

Well D-Black has told us about Vera, someday when I have the balls I will tell you about my encounter with one Cecilia. To think that after all D-Black has done for Vera, she still found it in her to sleep with D’s friends is truly reflective of the times.

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