ImageA lecturer on modern languages at the University of Ghana, Dr. Gamel Nasser Adam has entreated Ghanaians, especially the elderly to consistently and truthfully state the happenings of the Nkrumah era.

Dr. Adam stated this at a public forum to mark the 44th anniversary of the 1966 coup with the theme “Ghana’s Day of Shame; 44 years after The 1966 Coup, A Continuing Struggle for Africa and National Liberation”.

He indicated that Nkrumah’s overthrow was a tragedy for Africa adding that America’s involvement demonstrated that it will be hostile towards any government which did not protect its vested interest.

For his part, comrade Kwesi Pratt stressed the need for organizational proficiency at all levels of political life adding that it was one of the strengths of the Convention Peoples Party {CPP} under Nkrumah.

He further commended the youth for actively engaging in activities commemorating the life of the nation’s first president adding that “Nkrumah’s greatest legacy is the body of ideas he bequeathed to us”.

Dr. Dzodzi Tsikata, of the University of Ghana, bemoaned the decrease in the percentage of women in parliament adding that much effort has not gone into encouraging the woman to actively participate in governance since the overthrow of Nkrumah.

Lucy Ennin, one of the earliest women in parliament, representing the Brong Ahafo region as at 1960 thanks to Nkrumah’s quota system regretted the lies peddled against Nkrumah which halted the implementation of the Bui dam project.

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