by: michael eli dokosi/

lady hotThough I am not an old man, I have come to categorize ladies into four groups when it comes to sexual intercourse, based on my experiences and tales from friends.

Firstly you have the “wedding night ladies”. They are those ladies who will only have sex, when they have been married and surely on their wedding nights. They contend they can only give out their candy when the appropriate rite has been performed to avoid heartaches and being taken for granted.

Then there is the “I will give you all, except full entry into my (palace)” type of ladies. They believe once in a relationship with a man, sexual contact is inevitable hence their decision to allow for kissing, smooching, caressing, fondling, fingering and undressing except penetrative sex, as they keep that for their future husbands. It might baffle many but it is a quite prevalent among young folks who want to have fun without having to carry the burden of pregnancy or HIV/AIDS.

The third group of ladies is the “I am down with anything” type of ladies. They have a full go at it. Such ladies give unrestricted access to their bodies once in a relationship. They do all what the preceding ladies do and in addition, go the extra mile and give their “candy” as well. For them, why hold back when by the very act, they express just how much they love their men.

The fourth group has to do with the “random ladies”. They go on the spur of the moment. They don’t have to be in a relationship to have sex. They get turned on by the sight of well built or well to do men and wouldn’t mind banging the guys, just to prove that they can get whatever they want at anytime.

So there you have it folks, the four types of ladies available. I do not know which you will go for but it appears every group has something to bring to the table. The issue of morality no doubt will come up but in the end, we are humans and our love for perversion has been well documented.

If in doubt observe things for yourself perhaps you might have a tale to relate.

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