ImageAccra has over the years seen many developments in the area of tourism, though largely through the effort of private business people. There however seems to be something for everyone, from those who love and wish to be near nature to those who opt for sophistication in a private setting.

Revelers can be said to be spoiled for choice. From traditional players like Golden Tulip, Novotel, La Palm beach to formidable new entrant Movinpick hotel.

But today’s piece is about two entertainment centers with contrasting features where patrons can visit and have a jolly time. The first is Osikan beach resort located opposite the Barclays bank on the high street.  Though it might not be at par with resorts in Miami, it nonetheless has its attractions. The thing about this resort is that it is the right place to be if one is in tune with nature. The breeze, the waves and the general scenery can calm any troubled soul.Image

Patrons will find that the grilled tilapia with banku and hot pepper as well as potato chips with grilled chicken are a favorite of many. Of course the usual suspects, Smirnoff ice, Coke, Beer and Malta Guinness are always on hand to quench thirsty throats.

Another attraction of Osikan Beach resort is the availability of cabins at one end of the resort where those seeking intimacy may go. Though not rooms, many a patron have put the facility to good use with kisses, smooching and caressing having been shared at the joint.

It’s location is another of it’s staying power. Not far from the general post office in Accra, there is little to worry about when it comes to transportation as there are available vehicles to ferry people to their destinations, as is the good music supplied at the resort. It is a must visit, if even just for curiosity sake.

Mr. Biggs is another of those restaurants which must be sampled for many a reason, not least of all the food. Though the company operates branches in Dansoman and Osu, it is the Kwame Nkrumah circle branch opposite the Calvary Baptist church that I want to shed some light on.

Whiles they serve a variety of meals at the place; it is their African dishes which remains the attraction for most people. Trust Mr. Biggs to serve you with some sumptuous “eba” with “egusi” soup and tender meat or bank/akple with grilled and spiced tilapia. There is also akple/banku with tasty okra soup with crabs or salmon.

Of course there is fried rice with chicken, jollof with chicken as is another of their specialties “fiesta” a mashed potato cum fried egg snack. They also serve cakes and meat pies.

With a central location to boot, many people especially tertiary students utilize the restaurant to great effect. Buying a meal, drink or snack can enable a patron to study for hours before leaving for home.

For those into DSTV and movies, that is added reason why Mr. Biggs must be visited. There is also a square for toddlers or children to play thereby relieving parents or guardians for a while to relax and enjoy the offerings available.

With it’s glass windows patrons can view happenings outside and across the street without them being seen and that has it’s own thrill. A common sight is lovers unwinding at the place as the atmosphere is serene. Mr. Biggs restaurant, another of Accra’s many attractions; it is surely a place to have a feel of even if just for the bragging rights.

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