album coverMany have written off music genre called High Life for so-called trendier forms Hip life, reggae, jazz, crank, hip hop and r n b. But it is when faced with afflictions, challenges and grief that people dig deep to tap into what is unequivocally theirs, and so it was the upon the announcement of the shocking departure of our late president to glory, a nation in mourning turned to dirges and highlife provided a huge chunk of it.

Even those stations heavy on foreign content or “abrofosem” saw the need to play such local songs to assuage the pain of the nation and those platforms which will normally be heavy with political talk in the mornings suddenly turned to highlife music again and it was greats such as Kojo Antwi with “mere bi beba”, Amakye Dede with “sansa kro ma, kusekuse”, J.A  Adofo with “adwoa penama, nsuo ayire me, meye agyanka”, Pryce Armah with “maame gyae su”, K. Gyasi with “dankwaa ma”, Akwasi Ampofo Adjei with “onipa ye awereho” and Nana Ampadu with “onipa nse hwee” as well as countless others whose music and wise words fed the soul of the nation in such grave times.

Hard as the death of the president is I am comforted that when it matters most we rise up and connect with our true selves. May Mawu bless us all.

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