ImageGhana indeed has many beverages thanks to the many ethnic groupings we have been blessed with but the problem has been preservation and packaging.

For many years those who have climbed to the top of the social ladder find it difficult to consume such products because of the above mentioned limitations.

But there is hope because Brukina one of our beverages of northern origins has undergone a massive transformation much to people’s pleasant surprise. It used to be that when one wanted to drink the steamed millet cum cow milk and sugar beverage, it was fetched from a container into polythene bags, then it progressed to used plastic bottles being the vessel with it’s attendant health scares but that has changed with the beverage now having it’s own bottle and preserved to stay longer.

Of course the price has also gone up with the standard price being 1 cedi with bigger bottles going for 5 cedis but now celebrities, big men/women are all clamoring for the product leading to more youth now selling the product translating to stable employment and revenue.

I hope the same fate befalls other beverages like asana, lamujine, sobolo, iced kenkey, pito, brukutu where they will be in such high demand by the high and low and lead to a variance from the routine of either drinking black, orange or plain beverages.

Brukina’s new found fame should inform entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers that it is about time they worked for Ghanaians to have the luxury of just adding hot water to rice water flakes or chips, akuebeme, eyoo, hausa koko and wheat to enjoy breakfast as time is of essence for all especially arts persons and entertainers.

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