ImageThe Mini Series section of Graphic Showbiz has had interesting writers or authors over the years, with Peggy Oppong’s name easily coming to mind.

The current series is from David Kwame Kwakye and so far he is doing a good job. The heading or title “Songs of Midnight” alone gives an eerie foreboding.

What has captured my attention is the employment of hi tech and modern gadgets and devices in the storyline so you have vehicles like Porsche Cayenne, BMW, Dodge Charger, Mercedes Benz E&S Class being mentioned as well as reference to phone brands like Blackberry Bold and others.

Again David proves he can draw laughter from his readers with phrases and sentences like when Yaw Barima in responding to Constance’s enquiry to why he was still single said; “She put a chainsaw through my heart and shredded it to pieces” in reference to his previous partner.

Yaw would not stop there, take this next statement “I’m as single as a hunter in the belly of a forest, surrounded by nothing but trees” and when Constance enquired if Yaw took liquor, the response was “With all respect, Constance, I’m not a camel”.

It quite clear that David’s knowledge on car types, various professions, and restaurant meals is deep and one can only imagine what will happen when Don Katawere realizes that the young man he has been chasing to join his organization was indeed the same man he embarrassed at his home and if the brewing love between Yaw and Constance can brave the impending storm.

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