promzyOne time Vision In Progress (VIP) member Promzy real name Emmanuel Ababio has disclosed that he did not leave the VIP group willingly but was rather pushed out by the other members to make room for Reggie Rockstone, hiplife icon and CEO of Rockstone’s office.

Promzy intimated that there was unity in the group and plans were afoot for new releases and tours only to be told to bow out as Reggie Rockstone was knocking on the door and making an entry to elevate the group with his networks.

The hyper rapper asserted that if he resigned of his own accord why is there no record of his resignation letter as the group was well established and run as a business entity.

When news of the split emerged, several media accounts purported that the tattooed rapper had taken the decision to spend more time with his family as well as raise his kid but Mr. Ababio noted that one does not throw away 20 years of hard work like that stressing the trio involving himself, Joseph Nana Ofori-Prodigal and Abdul Hamid Ibrahim-Zeal had toiled to make the VIP brand an international one only for the ‘goodness’ door to be shut in his face because someone wanted to resurrect his ailing career.

VIP is now VVIP since the addition of Reggie Rockstone. The question is if VIP stood for Vision In Progress, what does VVIP stand for?

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