kafFor her to pull off the screening of her Happy Deathday movie at the Silverbird Cinemas at the mall and Weija successfully, Kafui Danku deserves mention and encouragement.

But no one was more proud as a peacock of the the pretty actress cum producer than Kafui’s caucasian husband Douglas who simply prefers to be called Doug.

Whiles the stars including Kafui were busy on the red carpet taking pictures with fans and colleagues this writer noticed that Doug was calmly soaking in all the experience smiling to himself.

So seizing the opportunity by the balls, I ventured to find out what his impressions were. Doug intimated: “my wife is such a hard worker, am so proud of her, she put a lot of effort in this movie and she takes her work very seriously”.

Asked what he made of the film industry in Ghana the smiling Doug observed: “it’s a thriving industry, the players are really doing a great job not only in Ghana but in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. I simply love it”.

Like Oliver Twist who can’t have enough, I inquired if with his resources movie fans could expect more self-produced movies from his wife, the satisfied hubby stated: “of course this is what makes her happy and I will keep her happy”.

Clearly kafui must be doing something right for her hubby to be ready to support her all the way. Ladies kindly take a cue.

Happy Deathday, written and directed by rising filmmaker Koby Rana and produced by Kafui Danku was premiered on 14th November 2014 to satisfied audiences who appreciated the humour, location, direction and essence of the movie.

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