mate2A meet up with Ama Boadiwaa also known as Ama Mate might surprise you, for the pretty lady looks anything like a mate (driver’s apprentice as they are called in Ghana) but Ama explains she has been in the trade for 4 years.

According to Ama who hails from the Central Region (one of 10 others) specifically Assin Manso, she relocated to Accra (the regional capital) to be with her brother but when her brother’s rent expired he decided to go back home but she chose to stay on and hustle.

“I sold pure water on the streets but my driver master Cudjoe approached me to be his mate. It’s been tough but am glad I took the opportunity, now I know how to drive but I don’t aim to be a driver after marriage.” Ama explained.

She stated that since her entry into the transport business, five other females have braced the odds to become mates indicating that the females do the chores their male counterparts perform such as in times of vehicle breakdowns jerk tyres, wash bus, sweep and keep bus tidy as well as collect fares and render account.

“I have a guy I love pretty much, he is not enthused about my work so after marriage I would try my hands on something else” Ama Mate stated.

The pioneer noted that their male colleagues see them as threats because of the little pecks they enjoy from clients adding that she gets 10 cedis allowance for feeding daily.

According g to Ama she wakes by 4:30 am daily and closes from work at 9:00pm indicating that whiles some of the passengers show appreciation for the work they do others show scorn and often start needless fights with them.

The lady pioneer who plys the Agape-Odorkor route says she engages in this form of work to earn a living because it’s a legal way of earning income instead of prostituting and engaging in vices.


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