coptic2Ghanaian-born New York based Eric Kwabena “Coptic” Matlock’s attempt to rope in more African rappers/musicians in his production could prove to be a blessing or become a weapon of destruction depending on where one stands.

The beat genius teamed up with Manifest to offer ‘Keep shining’ and despite the tune having all it takes to excel it nonetheless raises eyebrows per some of manifest’s choice of words and claims.

“Of course I rep my area, if you no dey like hop off my genitalia. I am telling ya, you can’t tell me jack… not afraid of death, am afraid of failure” Manifest declares.

“E no dey hia me to impress or beat on my chest, only two rappers in Ghana, Manifest and the rest…..touring and soaring that’s on my agenda, these guys are not my size….charley there is no contender” the No Shortcut to Heaven rapper adds.

Beat work from Coptic is solid so is the chorus:

Keep shining till eternity, keep shining, shine as high as can be, keep shining.. make the world see…no other place dey for you.

According to Manifest “all my lines get power, they never needed a gen” but surely these quotes:

“He’s fit to fight for the artiste of the year, I had a year that surpasses your whole career, e no dey hia me to impress or beat my chest, still only two rappers in Ghana, M.anifest and the rest” and…

“Massa, you putting GH on the map, how, when you create GH crap, BET gives awards to African artistes off-air, not a diss, just a stone cold fact, I swear … in an industry, that is just one big scam” will ruffle some feathers and possibly lead to counter tunes.

Sample the tune here:
Keep Shining Ft M.anifest

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