abreTV programming on Friday evenings has become very competitive with Metro TV’s offer of THE KSM show; TV 3’s Sports show and Viasat One’s ‘Boyz Boyz’ show all vying for attention.

Although GTV is not strong on entertainment, the station has nonetheless managed to produce a commendable show capable of arresting attention.

The Legends Show aimed at enabling the youth to see musical legends in action and also afford the ‘oldies’ the chance to relive jolly times has caught on well with citizens.

Ably supported by beverage giants Kasapreko Company Limited, the Legends recorded show aired on Fridays between 9-10 pm has a host who interviews the legends to share their musical journey this far, allowing partakers to also share what fond memories or experiences they hold dear of the particular artiste.

So far, music giants such as ‘Abrekyreba’ Kofi Sammy, Teacher Boateng, Samuel Owusu, Gyedu Blay Ambulley, Pat Thomas, Bessa Simon and George Darko have shared their musical gifts with fans at various festive grounds recorded for playback for the benefit of viewers at home.

To see Chief Kofi Sammy in action despite having one (bad) arm after emerging from a stroke showed the showmanship of our senior entertainers and for the crowd to show him love by grooving to his hits demonstrated that despite the noise, highlife is still Ghana’s ‘numero uno’ music export.

The good thing about this show is that it’s helped generate funds for the legends, backing bands and other stakeholders whiles giving verve to our good old highlife music. Keep up the good work Ghana Television, you deserve praise for this.

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