manifest22When two gifted musicians tie the knot the result of the union can only be outstanding and so it is with the new video from the camp of Manifest which features rap legend Obrafuor.

The video shot by Film Fam is simply breath taking yet enlightening. Manifest provocatively tells the perils involved in shallow mining also known as ‘galamsey’. The scenes capture the pollution the activities of shallow miners have on water bodies as they disturb the base of the soil leading to colouration in addition to the use of poisonous substances used in extracting gold nuggets. The video also shows how the miners work under the scorching sun with little protection.

Manifest himself portrays the role of a ‘galamsey’ miner by immersing himself in the business, wearing dirty tattered clothing as often is the norm whiles balancing the pan in the water in a bid to spot shinny little pieces of gold. The beautiful thing about this video is that it shows the contrast of polluted water bodies and safeguarded ones which are pure and clean.

The canoe scenes involving manifest and the damsel he won from the menacing guard are sweetly done. The elegant attires of manifest with his beads truly project African costumes as is Obrafuor’s regal wear complimented by his flowing locks.

Regarding the song itself, Manifest offers some gripping raps and rhymes in English and Twi. The song largely about the hustles people go through to make ends meet is executed well with advice to folks to eschew laziness in exchange for hard work whiles a call is made to state regulators to provide a frame work and a congenial atmosphere to aid those willing to engage in decent work to do so.

Obrafuor as usual offers proverbs as the medium to deliver his gospel cautioning ‘when the wind hurries in haste, it loses grip of everything’.

This is a certified video for any discerning person to view and own. Thank you Manifest and Obrafuor for this song and video, global citizens can learn a lot about Ghana from just watching it. Ayeeeeko!

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