masMaking a living out of music is not for the faint hearted but once Obibini Boafo decided music was his calling, there was no turning back. Despite it taking 11 years for him to gain the recognition he so deserves, the rapper whom Sarkodie labelled as being in his league despite now finding fame says Ghana should better prepare for his onslaught.

Obibini speaking on the ‘White Carpet Show’ on Multi TV, stated he is preparing to release his maiden album on the ‘Toontoom Music Label’ adding his partnership with Dj Black is what he has been craving for.

Obibini who loves to add ‘Live on the Set’ to his name explained he summed up his musical journey on his track ‘Ma Story’ to serve as constant reminder for himself as well as serve as public record of his underground days.

The rapper whose Obibini acronym stands for (Obviously Black is Beautiful, Infinite and Naturally Inspiring) noted that “to make it big is tough, no matter how talented you are” but added “when passion is there, pain is less”.

According to Obibini, all the bad things have made him a better and seasoned person stressing that he is no more just another hip hop head. The Adisco alumus disclosed he was more into lyrical content generation now than just spewing incoherent nonsense.

Clearly these are good times for Obibini who already has enjoyed endorsement from Sarkodie, Jeremy, Mantse Ayequaye, Trigmatic and Jon Germain for his style and potency.

On what style he wants to be associated with, Obibini said he does rap also known as kasahari, hip life and hip-hop, what he doesn’t want to be labeled as is a Twi pop artiste. The uniqueness of Obibini is that he raps eloquently in English while retaining the stamina to spit deadly Twi verses.

A tongue twister and story teller cast in the mode of Obrafuor and Okomfo Kwadee, Obibini certainly has enough ink in his tank to seize a place in the rap kingdom of the country and continent evident by tracks such as ‘Shinning, No Money in the Bank, Right Now , Neighbourhood Weirdo and Ma Story.

Welcome and may you reign long to project our Obibini values, ‘Ye Ma Wu Atenasi’.

Listen to Ma Story

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