bibleWhen the world nears it’s end
There will be fictitious prophets
There will be fornicators and adulterers
There will be war and famine
So the good book says

Don’t believe the Bible,
It has over 50,000 errors
It was written by men
It contradicts itself
It does not stand up to scrutiny
Others say

It is God’s inspired word
There are no mistakes in the Bible
It foretold of events which have been and are yet to manifest
It is holy and any seemingly contradiction just requires faith
Some reckon

When I look up to the skies and down to earth
When I look in front and behind me
When I look at my left and right
When I gallivant, I come to realize the Bible does hold some truth
But once written by men and subject to time, tear, wear, translation, transcription and transliteration
Essentials will be lost

Look about you friend
False prophets in abundance
Famine and wars no longer make the news
Fornicators and adulterers in great numbers
Could it be that the end is finally here?

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