I have left home for too long
I have been on a foreign land for too long
Hearing scant news about my people
I sought to resettle here but love they had not
I swear by my mother’s tender breast home I will go
I wish to be home

The home of a poor but proud people
The home where age is respected
Where right is right
And the unjust receive their due
I shall return home where values matter

But when and how do I get there?
Is been long yet to my people I shall return
Does the dreamer not wake when his dreams become too vivid?
Does the bird not perch after flying?
Does an erection not subside after a while?
So I shall head home, for this land has no treasures for strangers.
I am homeward bound!
Bye bye! Well wishes and acquaintances
To my people I go to

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