Hmmm there is trouble in my motherland
The land of Blacks
There is evil sweeping the people
The great hand of corruption is tearing our mighty continent apart
Leading us to doom lest someone acts and fast

Sound the alarm, strike the bell, beat the drum
For we are at the mercy of the unabative wave of smuggling
Bribery is now taken in the full glare of the sun
Adultery is now in it’s smock of fame
Women loving themselves and men lusting after their fellows
And we are buried neck deep in the foul waters of stealing

Hurry beat the drum, strike the bell and sound the alarm
Carry our message to the ancestors
Let them bring to us the learning, skill and wisdom of their days
Let them bring us light and subdue the hold of evil
For we are a decent people, lost but decent
Sound the alarm, strike the bell and beat the drum
So our ancestors and the gods can usher us into a new era

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