joelY FM big shot Joel Orleans is certainly proving that he is as gifted a presenter as he is a rapper and with his ‘Jealousy’ song and video few can dispute the hard truth that Joel is here to stay.

The new dad’s ‘Jealousy’ video produced by Mike Mills and directed by Kofi Okai of Black Noir Films is solid. The video has a casino feel with some tight chicks adding colour although the babes on the bed could have been more active. Costume is good and depiction of the good life is believable with Moet champagne flowing. This video will do what music videos are supposed to do, carry an already good song even further.

The ‘Jealousy’ song itself has a jazz element despite it being a hip-hop song and talks about people who become jealous about the success of their friends. Joel warns that such people ought to know that his life is his business adding “how can you be at home counting my profit”.

Hear him “am a bad boy but usually nice… black but half of my girls are usually white… they like me because I know what they usually like”.

After ‘Pon di Dancefloor’, ‘Jealousy’ from the former Choice FM man is certainly the track he needs to silent his critics.

Watch the ‘Jealousy’ video here.

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