repThat Ghana is surrounded by French colonized states is a fact. That the situation presents an opportunity and a challenge is quite obvious to many.

Little wonder then that despite efforts at teaching Ghanaian folks French at the Primary, JHS, SHS and even tertiary levels, there is little to show for it. For the most part the students undertaking the language course seize to even attempt to interact in Francais right after classes, in effect an attempt is only made on the few times the class comes up say for an hour or two.

Companies are now keen to have workers who at least have a working language of other languages and it’s is in this vein that Ghanaians are striving to possess such prowess especially in the hospitality as well as oil and gas industries not to talk of government sectors.

In this regard Cameroon (English and French are both official languages)leads the pack regarding Africa as most of its citizens speak both French and English languages well and having been at Repere can attest to their prowess in the speaking and comprehension of both French and English languages.

Food binds people together than other items and the Repere restaurant is uniquely affording citizens from Ivory Coast, Togo, Gabon, Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso as well as Cameroon and folks from Ghana the chance to mingle, wine, dine, dance and exchange languages all in an atmosphere of friendship and love.

With the motto “where taste and health settle their differences”, Repere owner Romeo R. Djikah explains after visiting Ghana in 1998 as a tourist he eventually settled in the country in 2008 and then hit upon the idea with his wife (Josla Baud) to start up Repere restaurant to expose Ghanaians to Cameroonian and other African dishes.

“I resigned from Alliance Francais to start the venture but securing land was stressful till a friend introduced us to our current landlord who agreed for us to start the restaurant”.

“Losses were being incurred in the early years till a group of women in an association engaged the restaurant to host their anniversary; there’s been no turning back.” Mr. Romeo Djikah noted.

According to Mr. Djikah although Repere is open to all persons about 70% of its clientele base is made up of tertiary students all over Africa in search of education in Ghana. He said interactions between the various nationals has led to enlightenment as various nationals see the similarities and varieties regarding meal, wine, language and culture of the continent.

Meals served at Repere include jollof rice and chicken sauce, grilled chicken and atieke, grilled chicken and aloco, grilled chicken and manioc, fried plantain and tilapia with sauce, noodles with potatoe chips and grilled chicken, steamed chicken in vegetable sauce with rice or potatoes and others.

Aside the meals served, another attraction of Repere is the live band music offered and the live telecast of football matches be it from the EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga or the First Capital Plus local league.

reperbash repere sengal repere reperefish reperemeat reperesenegal3 reperr reperrrrLocated at Kotobabi Down- House Number 13 behind the Modex Filling station, CEO Romeo Djikah aspires to open other outlets across Accra and the regions serving healthy yet tasty meals to patrons.

Open to the public from Monday to Sunday from 11am to midnight, Repere could be reached on 233(0)302200066/0264431053/0272582295. Bon Appetit.

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