praye grpFormer  ‘Praye’ member ‘Honeho’ has downplayed the breakup of the group explaining the break up is comparable to Lumba brothers or Akyeame breaking up but whose individuals went on to achieve greatness.

Pushed by Dr. Pounds, host of the Hitz High Table show to honestly lay bare the sequence of events leading to the break up ‘Honeho’ now Choirmaster stated ‘Tintin’ got a contract and was recording with Appietus and other engineers for a solo album without conferring with other group members.

“Eventually he left, leaving myself and ‘Tietia’ to hold the fort but since ‘Tintin’ continued to destroy the brand with his claim that he was sacked, event organizers were uneasy dealing with myself and ‘Tietia’ hence a mutual decision was reached to pursue solo dreams.” Choirmaster stated.

The ‘Obsession’ singer proclaimed his surprise when he saw pictures of ‘Tintin’ and ‘Tietia’ recently performing together at an Eastern regional event without being notified.

Eugene Boadu Baah scoffed at suggestions wives of the group members contributed to the dissolution. According to Mr. Baah the group members are matured and handle their own business stressing that he is grown fella who pays school fees and caters for the needs of others.

He pointed out there was no group leader in ‘Praye’ as they all had roles to play intimating that although he started out as a rapper he has learnt how to play the guitar and piano and added singing to his craft.

On his absence at Big J’s marriage ceremony, Choirmaster disclosed he wasn’t given an invitation and since such events were personal he couldn’t force himself on the couple adding that he however sent a congratulatory message to them.

On the health status of his solo career, Eugen Baah surprisingly declared that he was making more money now than when in the ‘Praye’ group. He profusely thanked his management Blue Roze Entertainment for their care, love and support.

Beverly-afaglo-and-praye-wedding-15According to the Beverly’s hubby, life is good adding he was comfortable and can afford the little pleasures a celebrity ought to have for himself and his family.

Choirmaster has since his independence offered songs like Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Pull Him Down, Turbo Engine, Obsession and Catwalk to decent acclaim.

“It is too soon to compare my 8 year ‘Praye’ career to my 1 year solo musical journey but I love the speed with which things are falling in place and I am delighted Cheers Condom has endorsed me as an ambassador.”

He noted his Choir Practice 1&2 albums will be out soon indicating that there are 30 songs on one album. Urging fellow musicians to not only do songs for the clubs, he called for content rich songs which can stand the test of time.

Mr. Baah singled out his marriage to actress Beverly Afaglo as the most memorable day of his life as seeing an array of cherished friends and relations wish him well made him feel warm.

“I have no regret in my marriage; I’ve never cheated on my wife as I enjoy everything there is to give.” Eugene said of his marriage.

Noted for his unique dress style, Choirmaster mentioned the team is working on his CM wear, comprising a pilot themed wear with cap and melody stick.

Choirmaster offered thanks to KOD, Ivan Quashigah, Abraham Ohene Djan for their immense support early on his career.

He also remains grateful to engineers such as Van Stalin, Master Garzy, St. Louis, Screech, Big Mix, Heavy K and Ball J for their effort in providing solid beats.

Enjoy some of the works of the Choirmaster:




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