ghana-dj-awards-15-In a potentially debilitating claim dancehall icon and radio presenter Emmanuel Barnes a.k.a. Mr. Logic has mentioned that in the run up to the 2015 Ghana DJ Awards his team approached event organizer Mercury Quaye to know what the processes were to enhance Vybrant Faya’s chances of winning in the category he was nominated since they were abroad when news reached them their artiste had been nominated.

logic2Barnes known also as Rude Buoy Sterling speaking on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall show explained although he made a claim on a sister station that Mercury had demanded money in exchange for giving an award, he only cited the incident as an example to buttress his point that certain happenings have become associated with award shows in the country stressing however that he bore no malice towards the Ghana DJ Awards founder Mercury Quaye.

According to Logic, he got feedback from his team members who met Mercury that there was a proposal that should Vybrant’s team manage to offer 15,000 cedis, Vibrant was bound to win the award. Logic had claimed in a Pluzz FM interview that since Vybrant Faya’s team refused to pay the said amount the award eventually went to Joyce Blessing.

Having made these claims, Mercury Quaye had to respond to deflect the scrutiny coming from right thinking members of society. Mercury when asked by host Mike 2 if he knew my Logic noted he’s heard the name but not met the fella explaining that out of the blue while putting logistics in place for the show he got a call from Faya’ s camp seeking audience.

He therefore met the party at a restaurant after an interview at TV3 “at the meeting, they wanted to know if there was anything they could do to win the award for DJ Song of the Year.

“They wanted to bribe me, they made the proposal” Mr. Quaye asserted adding I told them I couldn’t take money to give an award as the award scheme is regulated by seasoned professionals in their various fields.

vybrant“What I told them I could do for them since I handle many PR projects is that I could help boost the image of their artiste since people did not know him even though his music was thriving. It is for that PR work of making Faya visible that I charged 15,000” the Hitz FM man stated.

Since the news became public, Quaye has given Logic up to 10 days to retract his allegation or provide the audio recording he claims he possesses else he goes to the law court to seek redress.

Meanwhile Mr. Logic has countered the PR claim of Mercury pointing out as the Head of PR and Production for Vybrant Faya and SM Family he handles all media related work for Faya hence Mercury couldn’t have been contacted for media work on behalf of Faya.

He adds that “Mercury Quaye also requested we pay for the lights Vybrant Faya will use to perform.” Vybrant was part of performers on the night.

The ‘man a bad man’ added that the courts do not scare him and should Mercury head to court he shall meet him squarely.

Having worked with both men I find this situation truly disconcerting. I worked with Mercury at now defunct Choice FM in 2010 and Mr. Logic in 2011 and was happy to see Mercury doing well with his DJ Awards for after Choice FM. If I recall right he plied his trade at Atlantis Radio before bumping into him at KKTV premises where he had come for a meeting. When I heard him on Hitz FM I sure was happy for a brother but if this crucifix is not tactfully extricated from his neck it sure can cost him his job at Multimedia which can be a major setback in his career, worse still loose credibility such that the DJ Awards suffers an early death.

For Logic after his explosive XFM days, he did apply his skills at Pravda Radio, Agoo FM before landing his YFM job. Any encounter with Logic reveals his tough exterior. I recall when once my good self and producer Alex Kweku Mamphey urged him  to change his ‘Bad People Entertainment’ name to a more politically correct one, Logic explained to us in Jamaica where he often visits when one is called a rude buoy it means exactly that and when one is called a gun man, it precisely means that. In effect there was no sugarcoating; with him it couldn’t get any realer.

The coming days shall be interesting to see who shall be the last man standing.

The 2015 Ghana DJ Awards designed to honour hardworking DJs who have promoted Ghanaian culture through music dubbed Amplified came off Saturday February 21, 2015 at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The award show put together by the Chief Executive Officer of Mercury Republic, Mercury Quaye had DJ’s vying for awards in twenty 20 categories.

Consume Vybrant Faya’s song which has generated all the brouhaha:

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