gyedu_blah_ambolley_625x351musigaPresidential aspirant in the MUSIGA race, Gyedu Blay Ambulley has reiterated his distrust of the MUSIGA leadership citing their diabolical dealings.

According to the ‘simigwa’ rap champ, even though he sailed through vetting in September, the list of delegates was not offered till 11th October 2015 making it difficult for him to adequately meet and sell his message to the power brokers.

He also described as vile, the offering of a new list of delegates as at 21st October 2015 and further compounding the problem when delegates telephone numbers were intentionally omitted making it extremely difficult for him to locate and sell his message to the delegates in the regions.

Papa Blay observed even though the Music Week is a laudable idea, not including music reps from the regions goes to show it is a means to influence and reward cronies as the initial plan has been corrupted.

“This administration takes musicians for a ride without a doubt, how else can anyone explain the 3000.00 cedis filing fee being demanded. An astronomical rise from the 200.00 cedis charged in the last election. Whom do they seek to scare? The veteran musician voiced out.”

With all this concerns, host Kwesi Aboagye sought to find out if indeed Ambulley will head to the law courts to place an injection on the congregation and election.

To that quiz, the hat loving elder stated he was in talks with his lawyers as to which path to chart adding “MUSIGA is now a house of Mafioso using money to silence people and compromise others.

“The more reason why well-meaning persons must rescue the union.” he concluded.

Mr. Ambulley battled incumbent MUSIGA president Bice Osei Kufuor in the last election but lost. There has since been bad blood between the two.

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