konadu n kidsFormer First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has revealed how her strong political activism nearly affected her pregnancy on two occasions.

‘I almost miscarried twice’ she recalled her deep involvement in establishing her Womens’ Movement that was once a formidable political force before 2000.

Mrs Rawlings said life especially during the 11 years of undemocratic rule of her husband was far from what the public imagined it to be – comfort.

She said life was difficult and she didn’t enjoy many privileges as First Lady.

“I think I set a duty to myself that I was going to bring women on board and I went along that passion”

“There were no trappings for me….the work took more from me than the trappings of the position”

Traversing the country to help develop the nation at a time many roads were in a deplorable state, she said, was a harrowing experience but worth the effort.

‘With my pregnancy, sometimes my stomach was bouncing up and down, on two occasions I almost had miscarriages’ she recalled.

After the 1992 elections when Ghana returned to democratic rule, life improved.

Now “when I was going anywhere, they will put me in a car and there will be security provided as well unlike previously.”

“Yes it changed a little bit but there was no comfort as the new people had it”

The articulate former First Lady said her keen interest in women’s empowerment was founded on the belief that one sure way the get women involved in fight against poverty and deprivation was to actively encourage them.

She said she had come to the realisation if the efforts to reduce malnutrition and extreme were to succeed, women had to play a bigger and front role in the effort.

“I didn’t think it was right for women to just stay in the background and be told what to do and what is good for them,” she stressed.

Nana Konadu said she thought that once women were empowered, they would better take care of their children and their families would be the biggest beneficiaries.

Responding to criticisms that there were human rights abuses under husband’s presidency, Mrs Rawlings said there were difficult moments and some mistakes were made.

Appropriate apologies, she revealed, have been offered and people have moved on.


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