toilet1For most of us it’s the norm to turn to a roll of toilet paper for our bathroom needs.

But an entrepreneur has branded the habit of wiping with paper ‘barbaric’.

In a bid to change our bathroom habits, Miki Agrawal, born in Montreal, Canada, has invented a mini bidet-like device that can be clipped onto most toilets.

She told Forbes: ‘All over the world — in Europe, Asia, the Middle East – people use bidets. Using toilet paper to clean your butt is barbaric!’

The product is designed to fit onto the side of a toilet, with control settings protruding to the left and a pipe to connect it to the water supply.

Agrawal claims it can be installed in just 10 minutes without the need for a professional plumber, or electricity.

Users need to remove their toilet seat, fit the device to the left-hand side – which has a pipe for the jet of water positioned at the back of the seat – and connect it to the water supply.

‘It shoots a precise spray of water exactly where you need it, and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed,’ Agrawal told journalist Emma Johnson.

She suggests users may still wish to use a sheet of toilet to dry themselves, but noted they will use much less paper overall.

She claims the average American uses 50 lbs (23kg) of toilet paper every year, which has a huge effect on the environment.

She makes the environmental case for Tushy, by saying 37 gallons of water are need to produce one toilet roll and 27,000 trees are chopped down every day to make toilet rolls, whereas Tushy uses a pint of water every use.

The website also claims using Tushy could help users avoid haemorrhoids and urinary tract infections.

There are two types of Tushy; one that only uses cold water, for $54 (£35) and one that uses warm water too for $74 (£48).

‘The warm water hose connects to your sink pipe so the warm and cool water Tushy works best when your toilet is adjacent to the sink,’ the website says.

The more expensive gadget comes with a pressure control and temperature dial and will ship next month.

A portion of sales from Tushy go organisations supporting sanitation in the developing world.

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