by: michael eli dokosi

gyedu2Anita Erskine nearly got her fingers burnt when she attempted to cajole Gyedu Blay Ambolley on radio to smoke the peace pipe by raising Obour on the other line so the two men could say sweet words and patch up.

Ambolley secured 22 votes as against Obuor’s 88 at the election grounds in Koforidua but even prior to and after the election Ambolley had labeled some omission and commission on the part of the Obour led administration as similar to the workings of the mafia.

According to Ambolley, although the MUSIGA constitution is clear as to the number of delegates to represent each region, Obuor’s gang chose to select 30 people from Greater Accra, 20 from Ashanti region while spreading the rest to the regions.

Ambolley also had issues with names of delegates coming late after vetting and when the list arrived, he claimed it had no telephone numbers attached to the delegates list for easy communication and meet-up adding that even the list offered got changed days to the election which just didn’t up.

Asked by Bola Ray who had stepped in to salvage the situation, why Ambolley had not gone to court yet to seek redress, the Sekondi-Takoradi native responded “am discussing the issue with my lawyers and by Thursday a decision shall be arrived at.”

As to what drove him to contest, the jazz musician explained after arriving in the country from the US, seeing elderly musicians dying like paupers drove him to contest so he can put in place structures to ensure musicians continue to get revenue from their music through the years.

The ‘Simigwa’ man also expressed his reservation about the current status quo where 135 musicians take decisions for about 4000 musicians in the country saying there is need to amend the constitution and have the delegated pool broadened to combat corruption.

He made it known that he won’t entertain any crooked style stressing that he was not a kid for his mind to be toyed with in a shot aimed at Anita for raising Obour on the line without prior knowledge.

Obour“I feel humbled due to the confidence the delegates have reposed in me to serve them the next 4 years, I knew based on the projects undertaken that I shall be retained but the margin delighted me” was how Obour responded when asked how he felt with the renewal of his mandate.

According to Bice Osei Kufour, this year’s election was an improvement upon the 2011 one. He thanked election committee head Ben Brako and his team for a job well done.

He said out of the 129 votes collated only 4 were proxy votes adding that to the best of his knowledge all the candidates got a fair opportunity to meet the delegates and sell their message.

Obour however reiterated his call for Gyedu Blay Ambolley and Appiah Dankwah to accept an offer to serve in his cabinet whereupon Ambolley when pressed by Bola Ray if he would for instance take up the International Relations spot of MUSIGA laughed and answered “I don’t know if I would accept a position or not.”

Only time will tell if ‘Man-Blay’ shall join the supposed mafia and serve in Obour’s administration.





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