sheen madamA madam who supplied prostitutes to Charlie Sheen and his then wife Brooke Mueller for years is opening up about the actor’s sexual proclivities.

Anna Gristina told Page Six she supplied women to Sheen and Mueller for two years up until just a few months prior to his HIV diagnosis and that the actor paid more to have sex without a condom – and began to favor the company of ‘pre-op transsexuals.’

It has also emerged that in 2013 – two years after Sheen discovered he was HIV-positive – he spent over $1.6million on prostitutes according to The National Enquirer.

This was at the same time Sheen was dating Scottine Ross (aka Brett Rossi), who he would become engaged to in early 2014 before the pair split in October of that same year.

Financial records for Sheen’s production company 9th Step reveal the massive amount of money he spent on sex parties.

‘The item was listed as ‘Friendly Entertainment,’ which was Charlie’s shorthand for sex workers.” There’s no mention of how many women, or men, that covered — and whether he told them of his HIV status,’ said a source close to Sheen.

The exact amount was $1,629,507 for the year.

That same report also shows the massive amount Sheen paid in child support, with $497,000 going to his twins Bob and Max, 6, with Mueller and $550,000 going to his daughters Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, with ex-wife Denise Richards.

Gristina meanwhile opened up about what Sheen, and then wife Mueller, enjoyed when it came to prostitutes.

‘The porn girls he liked would agree to go bareback because he gave them an extra $5,000, $10,000. And some of them would agree because they were hoping they would get pregnant,’ said Gristina.

‘He would give girls incentives not to use protection, and the girls would try to please him because they wanted to come back.’

She also said of Sheen and Mueller’s dynamic in the bedroom; ‘Sometimes he would just sit on the laptop gambling and chain smoking cigarettes, and the wife would be enjoying the girls.’

Gristina also claimed Sheen asked some of the women about getting men to join them in the bedroom.

‘He never asked me, but he said to my girls, “Do you have any guys that you could call right now?”‘ claims Gristina.

‘I have no idea if he wanted them for himself, or if he wanted to watch them have sex with the other girls or with his wife or what.’

Sheen would ultimately spend ‘$75,000, $100,000 a night’ according to Gristina, who pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution back in 2012 in new York and was ultimately sentenced to time served.

InTouch is reporting that a source claims Sheen suspects he contracted the virus ‘from a transsexual who is HIV positive.’

The source added; ‘I thought he was going to kill himself when he found out. He told me his life was over and went on a drug bender. I’ve never seen him so low. He thought it was a death sentence.’

They also claim that a video of Sheen having sex with a transsexual was set to be sold to the highest bidder, but the actor had his people purchase the tape thinking ‘it would destroy his life if it got out.’

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