coffe2Can’t manage without a cup of coffee when you get to work in the mornings? Always ordering cola when you’re out for dinner? Well it’s time to crack down on that caffeine habit, as experts say it could have a negative impact on your skin.
”Hydration is absolutely key for a beautiful glowing complexion, so it stands to reason that since excessive consumption of caffeine can be incredibly drying for the skin due to its diuretic effect, limiting our intake should be (a priority),” Hala El-Shafie BSc Hons Nutrition & Dietetics, Consultant Nutritionist Director at Nutrition Rocks, explained to Cover Media.

If your skin is dry, it will lose plumpness and be more prone to wrinkles, instantly ageing you. And it’s not just the drying effect that is a worry for your skin.

“Tannin is an ingredient used in coffee which blocks the pores of cells, preventing them from receiving nutrients provided by food,” Denise Rabor, international make-up artist and founder of WOW Beauty, warned. “Tannin is also a hydration-remover, which can cause the skin to become rough and brittle over time if consumed too much.”

So how much caffeine is too much? At the start of 2015, The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee said moderate coffee consumption, summed up as three to five cups of instant coffee, hasn’t been linked to long-term dangers in healthy adults.

“However, it is important to listen to your body,” Denise added. “Some people can drink a strong cup of coffee and feel fantastic, others may drink half a cup and feel jittery and be left with an upset stomach. There’s a lot of individual variation when it comes to how coffee makes you feel. So don’t take this as a green light to down a pot a day. Consider what feels best for you as an individual.”

But it’s not all bad news for coffee. Some studies claim it can help with weight loss, while others have said it helps to drink some before a workout.

If you do want to cut down, you could try green tea. While it contains some natural caffeine, it has other health properties.

“One or two cups of green tea is powerfully rich in skin-boosting antioxidants (so) it’s worth including (in your diet),” Hala explained. “Research has shown that on the upside, caffeine applied topically may even reverse the damage caused by the sun’s rays and even lower the risk of some skin cancers.”

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