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gifty naNana Ansah Kwao IV, husband to Gifty Anti and chief of Adumasa has disclosed that although he knew he was a royal, he only first visited Adumasa in October 2010 and by January 2011 he had been installed chief of the area.

Taking their turn on Personality Profile hosted by Lexis Bill, Nana Ansah Kwao IV explained his father is an Akyem from Kyebi while mum hails from Akropong adding he was however raised up at Dansoman and has traversed the suburbs be it Zodiac, Exhibition, Sahara or South Odorkor.

He added his dad dabbled in banking, pharmaceuticals and was a hotelier although he was an economist by training.

Nana mentioned Jack and Jill, Martin De Porres and Accra Academy as some of the schools he attended noting that journalism was just a hobby. He stated having KSM and Anima Misa as relations, he dreamt of being an actor but as things stand now he has given up on that dream.

“I struggled in school because I have dyslexia, that is, I could speak effortlessly but had problems reading and spelling” Nana stated. He added in later life, he did a lot of sales pitching work abroad.

gifty nana kAccording to Nana, he started ‘That’s My Opinion’ on Rainbow Radio in London on Wednesdays about 6 years ago and was thankful that Joy FM gave him the platform to continue the show in Ghana.

For Gift Anti, the Tema lady who is the last of 8 children although the media journey begun at Joy FM in 1995 when she became a panelist on the New Generation and Every Woman show, her dream was to be a Public Relations Officer.

She was however thankful for the chance to have been in journalism for 20 years now recalling the foundation she had at Mfantseman, Ghana Institute of Journalism and the City University where she attained her MA in International Journalism.

Gifty-Anti gAccording to Gifty Anti a.k.a. Awo Dansoa, she was part of the first batch of professionals who served on GTV’s Breakfast Show adding her decision to resign on 31st December 2013 was tough but part of her growing up process.

Asked by Lexis Bill if he had difficulties ascending the throne since he was a bachelor, Nana Ansah Kwao IV stated “it is encouraged to be married before being crowned chief but it isn’t a prerequisite” adding “Gifty is enough” when he was asked if he will take ‘Akonyua Yere’ i.e. a stool wife .

He acknowledged the 5 years he wasn’t married caused  discomfort for the elders making the ‘Abusuapanyin’ attempt an arranged marriage when a lady visited the town for a funeral only for it to emerge she was married.

Nana added he took his time and it paid off. For Gifty Anti, the one-time renowned spinster: she was never against marriage but always believed that “women can go on to undertake projects and achieve things in life whether married or not” stressing “the Standpoint has celebrated married couples and treated numerous marriage topics.”

gift“Even though I wasn’t married, I went on with my life because I told myself I shan’t chase marriage but marriage had to choose me and in Nana marriage found me.”

According to Awo Dansoa, she had many suitors but Nana had to be the one because certain principles she held dear were broken. An example being never to return to any man she broke off with but Nana was irresistible.

gift8Asked what struck her about Nana the first time she met him, Awo Dansoa answered his handsomeness just did it for her adding “I am eternally grateful to Nana for choosing and sticking by me despite the numerous rumours” while Nana answered he was attracted to Gifty because of her intelligence and confidence adding “as a man, you need to have a lady you can be proud to introduce and hey she laughs at my unfunny jokes.” he summed up.

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