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kwabena kkIn the select list of entertainers campaigning for political figures including Jewel Ackah, A-Plus, Wutah, Berima Sydeney, Philippa Baafi, K. K. Fosu, Diana Asamoah, Ampong, Michael Adamba, Lucky Mensah, Mr. Beautiful, Grace Ashy and Cindy Thompson, Kwabena Kwabena stands out together with Daddy Lumba.

Often the charge is that when one declares his party affiliation, there is a negative consequence emanating from persons who oppose the political party the entertainer has professed love for.

In the 90’s veteran musician Jewel Ackah alluded to adverse impact when he offered the theme song of the NDC leading to loss of engagements and endorsements. Much recently in 2008, a good number of musicians and other entertainers threw their weight behind the New Patriotic Party and in particular the candidature of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, campaigning for him in songs and on the ground, visiting the regions to sell the gospel of the former Attorney General of the land.

For many of the artistes Nana Addo’s Believe In Ghana (BIG) campaign made sense especially his mega plans for the creative sector.

Nana Addo lost both the 2008 and 2012 elections to late John Mills and John Mahama respectively. For people who supported one of the two parties be it the New Patriotic Party or the National Democratic Congress there has been talk of victimization and loss of revenue.

Take the case of Mr. Beautiful who was prominent in the Kumasi film sector before his open support for president Mahama and the NDC, who claims producers are no more offering him scripts because of his party affiliation.

There is Lucky Mensah who supported the NDC but later became critical of the party and seems to be confused himself about where he stands. Nothing solid has been heard from him musically for a while.

Michael Adamba seems to spring to life in election years for the NDC, perhaps he is an NDC musician solely.

For those who supported the NPP, after the loss of Nana Addo there appears to be lull in their careers be it A-Plus, Wutah (broke up), Berima Sydney, Philippa Baafi, K. K. Fosu, Diana Asamoah, Ampong or Grace Ashy. Some have made attempts to rise but it appears the undercurrent is strong and pulling them away but one fella aside ‘Bra’ Lumba who is soldering on is Kwabena Kwabena.

Kwabena’s case can be observed by his colleagues to sustain them in the future. For one he is a solid communicator, for another he is damn good musically.

During the campaign to have Nana Addo elected, Kwabena was clear in advancing arguments why he believed in Nana’s candidature explaining that out of the lot, it was Nana who had outlined specific policies and programmes to implement in transforming the creative sector.

He eschewed insults or denigration of his colleagues who opted for the NDC and was measured in his utterances ensuring that even if one did not support the NPP, one respected his arguments.

But more crucially Kwabena has proven that he has enough oil in the tank to last him the journey.

Music men thrive on hits and ‘KbKb’ continues to do just that with popular songs and solid videos including ‘Bue Kwan’ featuring Steve Bedi, ‘Ensesa’, ‘Kyere Wu Do’ featuring Joojo, ‘Adult Music’ ft. Samini and others.

Even more spectacular was Kwabena’s ability to land a lead role in the Ministry of Health’s Malaria Reduction-Mosquito Net Campaign’. For a known NPP man to land this role at a time the NDC administers the state underscores the importance of stating one’s case without resorting to insults or vulgar language but more critically to be better than the hype else would be found wanting as had happened to others who equally endorsed Nana Addo but are now finding it difficult to score hits and continue to use their support of Nana as scapegoat.

Enjoy ‘Bue Kwan’ from Kwabena Kwabena:

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