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dawuni2‘In Ghana’ star Rocky Dawuni who is in Ghana for a visit and to honour a few engagements says 2015 has proved to be a most busy and productive year adding that his new album ‘Branches of the Same Tree’ caps the positive experience for him.

He mentioned that aside the album being in the billboard charts and song used in a Grammy work, performing in places like Canada, Greenland and Iceland has been humbling.

“I started out with a dream to make it big over 15 years ago in Ghana and I have built the brand and seeing people emerge at airports singing my songs when they see me fills me with gratitude.” The Rasta man observed.

According to Mr. Dawuni, aside being a musician, he is a UN ambassador and serves on the John F. Kennedy Foundation alongside greats like Quincy Jones and Bill Clinton noting that despite the heights he has attained, he remains humble and is eager to work with others yet at the top.

Asked by Anita Erskine if reggae has been given its due in the country, the California based song man answered “reggae music from the onset has been music of the underdog even in Jamaica. Reggae has its African roots; it underwent an innovation which must be appreciated. I have played on varied stages thanks to reggae meeting people of various make and I always project Ghana and Africa.”

“There is need for an artiste to always learn, although I left the University of Ghana in my third year to travel, I make the attempt to learn not necessarily in the classroom. Critically I don’t take criticism as an attack but rather I use it to mold myself.” ‘The African Reggae Fever’ star counselled.

Rocky believes no one can turn somebody into what they don’t want to be rather he believes in leading by example to inspire the young to greatness.

He disclosed, he chose ‘Branches of the Same Tree’ as title of his latest work to symbolize different things such as Africa being the root of humanity as well as Israelis and Palestinians sharing the same ancestry but unable to live together in peace.

Enjoy ‘In Ghana’ from Rocky Dawuni:



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