euNews sources indicate that within the coming days the European Union is going to register barcode on the Israeli goods with the aim of boycotting the goods made by Zionists in the Occupied Territories. According to Palestine Information Dissemination Center, the EU will begin putting barcode on the commodities manufactured in the Zionist settlements.

The European Parliament made the decision in last September so that the Israeli goods are recognized and boycotted by European citizens. In view of this, 525 members of this parliament have voted positively to the bill while 70 members gave negative vote and 31 others abstained.

The spread of international sanctions against the child-killer Zionist regime has caused a wave concern among the regime’s officials while there is news of forming a new Zionist ministry to counter this global move. Meanwhile, the Zionist regime’s parliament (Knesset) has agreed with the formation of a new ministry headed by Gilad Erdan, who serves as the Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs.

The overwhelming wave of global reactions against the crimes of the usurper Zionist regime indicates that this regime has faced with international hatred and it will be isolated more than ever. No doubt, the massive protests across the world against the nefarious crimes of Israel, especially during the recent years, have reached the European countries so that the European governments, which are considered as the supporters and cohorts of the Zionist regime, have been forced to revise their policies vis-à-vis the Zionist regime. The repeated stances of the EU against the expansionist behaviors of the Zionist regime have led to its recent warning to Israel on continuation of the compulsory migration of Palestinians.

The international developments clearly show that the Zionist regime has not only been isolated in the political, cultural and diplomatic arenas; but it is going to be isolated in the economic arena, too.

The escalation of criminal acts and savage conducts by the Zionists against Palestinians has made the world people conscious about the nature of the usurper regime. International stances and reactions are indicative of the fact that the expansionist policies of the illegal regime are no more confirmed even among its allies and supporters. In view of this, the European governments are going to quit accompanying the fabricated regime of Israel in its atrocities against innocent civilians. This has been an alarm for the Zionist regime.

International sanctions against Israel have horrified the leaders of the regime to the extent that Reuven Rivlin, the Chief Criminal of the regime, has expressly described the international sanctions as a strategic threat for the regime.

The spread of global sanctions against the Zionist regime is a reminiscent of the situation for the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa. As for other oppressive and criminal regimes and individuals throughout history, the days of the Zionist regime are numbered and soon it will cease to exist.

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