By: michael eli dokosi/

delay carIt is quite clear that Deloris Tatiana Frimpong Manso simply known as Delay is one who divides opinion be it for her acerbic tongue, gleeful smile, caustic remarks, business strides or bragging but what can’t be taken away from this peculiar lady is her knack to stride on even in the severest of storms.

On her ‘Medwuma’ show on Oman 107.1 FM, the ‘Oseye’ lady opens her act at 10:30 am with balanced a diet of weird titbits, nostalgic music and her pep talk which also can simply be termed ‘Ntoantoa’ wrapping up at noon.

For one whose on air-time is an hour and half, Delay sure does enough to keep her adoring fans drooling for more. Another weapon in her armory is her sing-alongs which can be endearing and warm. On a particular day while playing Joe Frazer’s ‘Yaa Mame’ which featured Kofi B and one of Lord Kenya’s goldies, Obaa  Afia truly entered her elements singing along stressing words and making many hiplife lovers to soak it all in.

delay7Recalling how tough life was, the ‘Bangkok Lady’ on one occasion professed gratitude to the Supreme Divine for providing for her abundantly from her hunger days adding that she was matured now and as such saw things differently.

She opined that she could afford to reject certain calls without batting an eye. An interesting aspect of  ‘Medwuma’ Show is the sheer number of LPMs done and jingles played during the under 2 hour show ranging from Yazz products, Roccare products, Kasapreko products, Amen Scientific Clinic, Joy Ointment to Pills and Tabs give an indication that sponsors believe she rakes in the numbers and can get their products to fly.

delay3delay5delay smoochAt first glance, the claim by the well-proportioned lady that she has 40 people in her employment might seem far-fetched given that she is a DJ at Oman FM but a closer scrutiny can attest that the Smooch CEO and Max Gringo Production Head has some major investments going on and needs extra hands to handle affairs.

delay delay2 delay4 delay12 delay99Already her Smooch shop where bags and shoes are sold is noted as is her Delay and Afia schwarzenegger show but what surprised many was the entry of her Delay Sardine in vegetable oil, Delay Mackerel and Delay Tomatoes Paste but such is the ambition of the virgin lady that Ghanaians can only brace themselves for more offerings from her camp.

delay6delay9As she puts it, with her 16 years in radio, she now uses her experience to beat the competition hence the reason she has toned down adding that her 7 years in TV is by dint of smart work.

delay pantsIt is interesting to hear her read messages from fans all over the globe be it from London, Amsterdam, Bronze, New Jersey, Denver Colorado, Switzerland, New York or Ghana underlying the impressive following she has amassed.

Her Friday Week in Retrospect where fans get to call in to the show and share their thoughts and commend her is a special attraction although she comes across as insensitive and abrasive in some of her interactions.

Clearly Cocoa Brown Delay, the ‘Bangkok/Columbia takum’ has set her sights on bigger things taking a leaf from Beyoncé, Jay Z, 50 Cent, P Diddy and other noted brands.


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