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kofi kumFor those who care to know, the Royal Baby is a potent force and one who is in command of his craft and to think that he has to use ‘treated airtime’ sometimes being allowed to come on air at 10:50 am to deliver and desert the desk at 12:00 noon is one mystery that prophets, sooth sayers and clairvoyant persons must help unravel.

Kofi Kum Bilson has a knack for playing old timer tunes often triggering nostalgic memories for the ‘Working Time’ faithful while retaining the ability to introduce new tunes to the congregants often being the star man to certify a hit for emerging and old cats. Christiana Love’s ‘Me Wo Nyame Nti, Mendi Nkuguo Da’ easily comes to mind as does Gasmilla’s ‘Telemo’ tune which enjoyed heavy play on his show.

His effortless delivery in Ga and Twi is enchanting as is his opening greetings in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Few shows would leave you drooling for more but Mr. Bilson has developed a queer technique of providing  bizarre but true news stories from Ghana and around the world and yet make it so intriguing that fans seek more only to be told ‘they have itchy ears’ and that time had flown away so a date tomorrow will be appropriate.

What is certain is that ‘Working Time’ is heavy on motivation and inspiration to lift the fans in these terrible times as well as heavy on birthday wishes to friends, relations and associates.

Kofi Kum Bilson is damn good and there is no doubt he makes do with the time he has but it is also apparent that he is unenthused with the recent convention involving ‘Kokrooko’, Peace FM’s Morning Show concluding sometimes at 11:00 am shaving off a good hour of his time.

You would think that Mr. Bilson reports to work around 10:00 am since Kwame Sefa Kayi and the gang choose to insensitively close the time they deem fit but surprisingly Kofi Kum Bilson is reported to clock in sometimes at 6:00 am and wait till he is given access to host his mid-morning show sometimes 40 minutes to news time.

It is because of this thievery of time that you hear Kofi make statements such as “do I have enough time”, “you have an itchy ear, let me conclude here”, “Accra stay by plan” and “let me keep some of the info in the fridge for tomorrow” often incurring the displeasure of fans.

Kofi’s feat is the more intriguing given that he manages to sneak in LPM’s to satisfy paying clients including Vita Milk, Best Point Savings, Thai Jas rice, Nana K. Gyasi Enterprise, K.K Peprah Enterprise, Special Ice water and Joy Daddy Bitters.

The mid-morning show is receiving keen competition from Oman FM’s Delay, Kasapa FM’s Afia Schwarzenegger, Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty and others so for Peace FM to help cripple one of its own is bemusing.

On some occasions one hears Kwame Sefa Kayi complain that invited guests have not taken their seats even after 9:00 am meaning when they eventually appear, the show drags on often eating into Kofi’s time.

Kokrooko’ is a superb show indicative of the numerous awards it has scooped. Its host the bald headed Sefa Kayi is not only an Actor, Voice-Over Artist, Emcee but a radio and TV icon whose gifts are immense indeed.

The producers of Peace FM’s Morning Show ought to have identified recalcitrant panelists who continuously appear on the show late and ban them so as to make way for serious minded panelists who can adhere to stated rules so that the Royal Baby can have his 2 hour show back.

Sometimes I wonder what relationship does exist between Mr. Kayi and Mr. Bilson given that Kofi must have been unimpressed with his forced fate but then again Kofi might have reasoned that if the employer continues to pay him as his wishes even with reduced airtime then he must just take the cash and do his part and then attend to his other businesses.

Kofi Kum Bilson has over 20 years’ experience in the media including hosting Lunch Time Rhythms on Joy FM, Luv FM’s Morning Show and Adom FM’s Mid-Morning Show.


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