breast-shapes-0021. Small and cute

You are a refined intellectual. You value brilliance, intellect and the arts. In addition to being smart, you are classy as well. While you may not be the most social person, others admire you for your mind and achievements. You excel at school and career, value books and are probably a little quirky. You put logic and rationality above your feelings, which make others see you as cold, yet stable and strong.

2. Large and full

You are headstrong and a leader. You rarely ask help from others because you are a superwoman – you can do it all. Besides being a head-turner, you are successful in anything you put your mind to. You are not rash and weigh your decisions and actions carefully. You remain calm, but that doesn’t mean your aren’t deep. You feel things more than other people even if you don’t show it on the outside.

3.Pert and facing away from each other

You do your own thing. While you are modern and innovative, you play by the beat of your own drum. Some might call you progressive and forward thinking, while more straight-laced people would consider you an odd-ball. You are prone to do outrageous things and have also great sense of style.

4.Large nipples, facing downward

You are an optimist and a dreamer. You look on the bright side of life and remain positive even when you are secretly shy even though others know you as funny and clever.

5.Perky and spread apart

You are fiery, passionate and courageous. People are constantly impressed and attracted to your personality. Sometimes you can even be cut-throat – you always get what you want and will do anything to make it yours. You might not always think through your actions and words and are also quick to anger.

6.Large and facing forward

You have a good heart. Other see you as reliable, kind and someone they can go to with problems or for advice. You are nurturing and giving, always putting people before yourself. You tend not to judge others nor do you jump to conclusions before hearing the facts.

7.Small with large nipples

You embody wisdom and dignity. You are one to strive to improve yourself. You enjoy learning new things, including skills and philosophies. You hate fighting and think of yourself as a pacifist. You try to stay away from drama, preferring your own company.

8.Large and pert, facing away from each other

You are quite complex. While you are a creative person, you are also popular. Even though you have bouts of sadness, you can be very charming and people just flock to you. You are clever with your ideas and a planner, but you do things in your own way and put your own spin on things.

9.High nipples, facing away from each other

You can be a bit naive, but you aren’t stupid. You go out of your way to be agreeable and fit in. People think of you as shy at first, but you have lots of hopes and dreams. You make a great friend and are a hard worker.

10.Large with high nipples

You are a dreamer and an optimist. You love exploring what lies beyond out world. You are also sociable and fun loving. Known for your great smile, people love being around your positive attitude – you make them feel great about themselves and your happiness rubs off on those around you.

11.Small, with nipples facing downwards

People often say you are breathtaking or light up a room. You are often the center of attention and know how to manipulate this to your advantage. You can be very smart and seductive, but hate being submissive. You crave adventure and hate being bogged down by boring routines.

12.Medium sized, facing away from each other

You are mysterious, yet reliable. People can’t quite figure you out, but they trust you. Those around you are comfortable enough to confide in you. You have some trust issues and are selective about those you let into your life. You aren’t cold, but have high standards for other people and for yourself.

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