Daniel Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim was on UTV’s Adekye Nsroma‬ recently, and yes not without the usual controversies. The Founder and Overseer of International God’s Way Church  among other things talked about his manner of performing miracles, the recent challenge between him and fetish priest, as well as his claims about transforming into animals.

According to Obinim who claimed that he was indeed an angel, it was the angelic spirit in him that turned into animals and not his physical being.  He added that he speaks to Jesus everyday  and quoted bible verses to support many of his claims. However, it appears that some of the bible quotations he  made on the show apparently are not even in the bible and several viewers pointed it out on social media.

Obinim was asked why he gives out  lotto numbers in his church. The replied, “There are so many types of lottery. Mentor is lottery, Icons is lottery, The Pulpit is lottery, promotionsfrom petrol stations is lottery, I even helped someone to win a Vodafone lottery, heaven and hell is also lottery”

Bishop Obinim  also dared his God not to spare his life if there are doubts of him being a true man of God. adding that he can withstand God’s wrath in all confidence.

“I can withstand the wrath of God 100%. Exodus 20:7 admonishes us not to mention the name of God in vain for God will not spare any person that calls his name in vain. So, if you’re talking and you know you are 100 percent right; you are not afraid. Exodus 20:7 says if you mention the name of God in vain, He will punish you…”

Ghanaians react to Bishop Obinim's interview on UTV

Obinim alluded to a case where he was allegedly abused on social media for stepping on the stomach of a fibroid patient.  He recounted that the media misconstrued his intentions and actions because the woman who was suffering from fibroid and had come for divine healing from his ministry.

His stepping on the stomach was directed by his ‘Maker’ and to him, “it will take those who are spiritually discerning to understand the spiritual healing” gymnastics on the woman but debunked claims that the woman was pregnant.

Bishop Obinim added that due to the authenticity of the healing gift giving to him by his Maker, he can heal all manner of diseases including people who have contracted the deadly HIV.


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