Tinie Tempah

nike-mag-hed-2015Tinie Tempah once spent £37,000 on a pair of Nike MAG trainers, which are modelled on the shoes in ‘Back To The Future’.

The ‘Pass Out’ hitmaker shelled out the hefty sum for the Nike trainers – which are based on the famous shoes from ‘Back To The Future’ – but the money was for a good cause.

He said: ”They’re based on the trainers in ‘Back To The Future’. I bought them at an auction hosted by Michael J Fox to raise money for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease. Nike invited me and Dizzee Rascal and I thought: ‘I could own the first pair of Marty McFly trainers.’ I paid £37,000 but I knew it was for a good cause. They don’t hover, sadly.”

The 27-year-old rapper also revealed he stores some of his favourite footwear in a duffel bag, which he brings with him on his travels.

He added to The Times newspaper’s Luxx menswear supplement: ”Whenever I’m in places like Spain and Monaco I see people on their boats with these bags and I think, ‘Wow! I want to get one.’

”I’ve got the standard print – red, blue and white – and it goes really well with most of the stuff I wear. I’m always travelling and doing photoshoots. I mostly carry clothes in it – right now it’s full of trainers.”



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