Ever recall watching a movie with your parents, talking and laughing, when suddenly a sex scene comes on? That awkward silence as everyone tries to find a remote control, feeling ashamed to be in the presence of such a scene.

Well, this has happened a lot of times in my house, especially with the Nollywood or Ghallywood movies; you know how irritating these scenes can be sometimes especially when they try to go the Hollywood way of acting these scenes. I stopped watching movies with my parents specifically because I didn’t want them to feel bad or embarrassed when scenes like this pop up.

The “birds and the bees” (sex) talk, is one that parents often put off for as long as possible. Educating your child on sex is one very essential part for child growth and development.

Seriously though, I don’t know how our parents expect us to learn what sex is when they haven’t taught us anything. True, we have the internet and technology now but I think the best place a child should be educated is in his home by his parents. There is an African proverb that goes, “it takes a whole village to raise a child” but we all know that education begins in the home, so if our parents refuse to teach us about sex, we’ll have to find a different way to learn.

Funny enough, my parents never sat me down to talk about sex until I clocked 20 years. First time I was educated on sex was at a seminar in my Junior High School and I feel it should not have been so. I mean there’s a way parents can talk to their kids about sex even before they become teenagers.

One thing our parents should know however is that refusing to speak to your children about sex will not prevent them from having sex. Some parents only get to know their child has been having sex when a daughter gets pregnant out of wedlock or a son admits to getting someone pregnant.

I was reading an article some time ago and I realized that the reason parents do not speak to their kids about sex is because they say they feel embarrassed to do so. I mean are you serious? How do you feel embarrassed about educating your own child on sex?

Communication is the key to any good relationship even between a parent and child. To have a better relationship with your child, you need to communicate well and speak to your children about sex before anyone else does or before they make mistakes. Talking about sex with your child does not necessarily mean he or she will not have sex; however, it will help open their minds to make better decisions.

Adekpey Esther Promise

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