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shatta womaameMy dearest Shatta Wale I have had cause to write you once more and am I afraid I am bearer of bad news.

You see the Akans say that he who is missing knows where he is hiding and I do recall another which the elders often cited that the one who survives murderous attacks over time kills himself.

Life is good: You have a wife whose acting career is about to boom with Delay’s Coco Brown Series. You are making some good money from your music venture with bookings raking in a handsome sum. The latest being the Tigo Ghana Meets Naija show.

Your recent album launch attracted thousands at the Black Star Square indicative that your power is not only online but in real life and real time.

Corporate entities no longer fear associating their brand with you. You are putting in some crisp videos of your music now. You can afford to travel to luxury tourist sites because the cash is in and oh nearly forgot to add Ara B protégé has returned to the fold after seeking to be his own man but life’s turbulences must have shown him he lacks fortitude needed to break away and eke out a living if indeed it’s music he believes he has talent for.

Often you complain that why must you always be made to apologize and music producer Willi Roi seems to have shared your sentiment and even offered a song and video to state that you are unduly being punished for your past utterances. Little wonder then that when you met him at Pluzz FM studio you dashed out GH¢1000.00 to him that morning.

You see it is your vitriolic attack on event company Charter House and eventual caveat that they dare not nominate you for the VGMA’s for that year that eventually saw you miss out on this year’s nominations.

You abuse Charter House on one hand yet on your twitter profile still have the following:

“VGMA ARTISTE OF THE YEAR (2014),BEST DANCEHALL ARTISTE OF THE YEAR(2014),MOST POPULAR SONG OF THE YEAR(2014)” in addition to other awards you’ve picked.

One would have thought since you despise Charter House so much, you would have erased that information on your page but no not Shatta Wale the two faced man.

You claim your fight is for the advancement of Ghana’s music industry but time is betraying and rather exposing you as one whose incentive is his own economic advancement but like many insincere politicians around claim you seek power to serve the people.

shatta wal2Which demon entered you to offer your ‘womaame t**e’ song beats my wildest imagination. To think that it is to sieve such crude products that a management team was put in place to counter some of your wild ways yet allowed this product to hit the market is bemusing, confounding and bewildering. That Chris Koney, your father Nii Armah Mensah Snr a.k.a. Shatta Capo, your wife Shatta Michy, Socrates Safo, Juno and others sanctioned this song as wholesome for consumption is something only shamen, diviners and oracles can explain.

Featuring a promising youth in Saadi Adams a.k.a S.A, it is a shame this chap wasted his talent on this song.

This youth reminds me of Samini and K.K Fosu’s beef where a certain Gogomi was deployed for assault. I am yet to hear from that chap till date. I can only hope that same fate does not befall Adams.

Now why would an artiste wake up, enter a studio and do such a song? What message was so urgent that must be sent to the good people of Ghana?

Shatta declares in the song that any self-seeking person who dares to dominate him, shall be abused since he’s still in the insult business. When it turns physical also he adds he shall match him boot for boot.

He continues the chap who cheats young ones and refuses to be self-respecting shall be insulted “womaame t**e” “womaame t**e” “womaame t**e” serving as the chorus of the whole 2:45 seconds song produced by Da Maker.

Saadi Adams comes in asking that what has triggered the anger adding when its vulgar use of words there’s no equal.

If Shatta Wale felt like offering something in the explicit vein in the Ga language, he had many options to choose from. If the claim was to attack a supposed bully or one who had offered himself for diss, Shatta could have used kwashia (fool), bulu (not bright), odonkpo (stupefied person) or even seke bili (mad one) to attack rather than leaving the supposed man to attack his innocent mother’s coochie.

Since its release, right thinking members of the Ghanaian society have expressed their disgust at the song and for good reason. In Ghana and in the Twi language “womaame t**e” refers to a mother’s coochie. It is a taboo word and so for Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr to appoint himself as one to use a taboo word as chorus for a song is appalling to say the least.

When one takes the time to analyze the content of the tune, there is no coherent message being offered. It’s as if they wanted to use the word but must conjure something in a defense which does not just add up.

But it will be the same Shatta Wale who will cry foul if he is sanctioned by any music body in this country. He would go to town as the victim when he was the aggressor. Such has become the life drama of a man who rose from the bottom but it’s now here but seems bent on taking himself back to the bottom.

As one who has monitored Shatta Wale from his Bandana days till now, as one who saw the tough days he’s gone through needing Rudebwoy Sterling to virtually make him a regular feature on his show pounding the city hard with his tunes and others, as one who has heard how Shatta was at the mercy of friends who supported him with cash and edibles, this song bears no good but sheer evil and is a slap in the face of womanhood.

His defence appears to be that Ghanaians use the word so what’s the big deal. True growing children use the word to express anger at something because of limited word power and lack of self-restraint to choose words wisely.

But how many responsible men and women have you Shatta Wale heard or seen using that taboo word to warrant you entering a studio to do a song on while many issues abound you could address as a rising music icon.

shatta dadPerhaps a fitting explanation exists. Ever since the reconciliation between your father Shatta Capo and yourself I have seen phots of you together but I am yet to see your good self Shatta and your mother in picture or video. It is also on record that your mum disturbed by your volatile ways had called into a radio station and expressed worry about refusing to support her as duty demands you do for your mother. I recall that she called on powerful men to exorcise the demons afflicting you as well?

Perhaps you’ve never forgiven the poor woman for going public with such sentiments and perhaps just perhaps the whole “womaame t**e” business is aimed at her and just for her. may be wrong and truly hope so.

As the Ga’s say ‘enfey noni manye’ ( I have done my part to hopefully prick your conscience). Till then have a pleasant day.

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