Nigeria's fuel crisis

naija fuel3Until the removal which was made on Wednesday, May 11, the official price of petrol was N87 per litre although consumers have been paying as much as N200 for fuel due to scarcity. Nigerians have taken to social media, raising their voices in anger against the new development. For many, it is a big slap on their faces.

They claim that they have been ripped-off, for them, this was not the change they were promised. Below are comments made by Nigerians on social media, in  reaction to the new pump price. Jerry Ike Udeh said:

“Where is stupid Tam David West that said fuel pump price will be 40naira if Buhari win election, I am just sorry for the poor masses.” According to Ofonime Sam Uwem, Goodluck meant well for this country (Nigeria). “If Buhari can concede to the removal of fuel subsidy which he claimed he knew nothing about and doesn’t know who was subsidizing who… then I think he is very smart as well for being able to deceive his gullible followers that subsidy was fraud,” Ofonime opined.

I hope the 45% gullible people in in this country will wake up now and stop calling sai baba in their sleep. Imagine even fuel is unaffordable now even when there’s no money to buy it. God help Nigeria.” “I dnt know the kind of government we have this time around, selling fuel N145 Will it solve the Nigerian problem, how much re u paying workers? How much is minimum wage? There is no atom of reasoning,” Festus Ikwuka lamented. Patrick Offor was of the opinion that “All Buhari supporters will ever be comfortable with it. They will say it’s a measure to uplift the economy of the country. But they took to the streets when GEJ did the same.

I hope things don’t get tougher.” For Chidosky Chidi, voting for APC was his biggest mistake, one which he says he now regrets. Obinna Chukwu advised that “Buhari should humble himself and ask Jonathan how he managed to keep dollar at 180 against the naira, how he managed to improve the electricity supply, how he managed to stabilise fuel price without scarcity, how he managed to curb inflation among others.”

“I am sure Jonathan as a patriotic citizen will be willing to assist him,” Chidi concluded. Chima Chukwujekwu lamented saying: “In this economic hardship, Mr President I thought u said that you feel the pain of the masses and now you are creating more pains, I weep for my nation.”

“This is the best time for the NLC to go on strike to protest, should Buhari refuses to accede to the N56k minimum wage proposal!” Olakunle Ogundare said he is “Waiting for what occupy Nigeria will say? Yea NLC time for show lets here your side just the same way you did in 2012. Failure to hear from you would tell how hypocritical NLC and associate were in 2012.” What is your take on the highly controversial issue, share your thoughts in our comment section.

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