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Even today when the Internet has provided massive amounts of indisputable evidence, most folks are still unaware that the World Wide Web (WWW) was set up by various agencies of the U.S. Federal Government and Armed Services to include but not limited to DARPA, DIA, NSA, CIA, OICI, ONI, FBI, etc. Working in very close coordination with each other, these agencies collaborated with a special project at CERN which essentially created the WWW.  In fact the WWW was painstakingly put together one piece at a time and in such a way that it would be quite easy to monitor and manipulate by those hidden controllers at the top of the worldwide information control matrix.

The sheer depth and breadth of this ongoing IT black operation should not be underestimated.  The conspiracy of collaboration between and among every major (and minor) player within the Information Technology sector is beyond comprehension, as is their direct collusion with the U.S. and U.K governments every step of the way.

For starters, all of the major hardware companies have been directly involved in this black budgeted project from day one.  That would particularly include Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard, and Intel among several other big players.  Every major software company like Oracle is also integral to this operation.  So is every single computer security and anti-virus enterprise (e.g. Symantec’s Norton anti-virus and Intel’s McAfee anti-virus) of note associated with this complex plot to control every aspect of the Internet and Computer Industry.  All of the networking equipment manufacturers such as Cisco Systems, Inc. are likewise key participants in this vast web of surveillance and spying.

LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, StumpleUpon, etc.  Then there are the many search engines, each promising to protect the confidentiality of your searches.  Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, AOL,, Excite and DuckDuckGo are just a few of those competing for your searches.  The free email services like Gmail (akaGovernment Mail), Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail,,, iCloud Mail, Aim Mail, Zoho Mail and Yandex.Mail are only a few of the hundreds now available which participate directly in this clandestine operation.  It is quite obvious that Google is well represented in these various lists for very good reason.

There are many other cogs in the Internet machine — both hardware and software — which play various roles in this global government-sponsored program. No company will be permitted to attain beyond a certain size and/or reach unless they agree to join this club that functions completely under the radar.  This is how the CIA & Company function as the secret Internet gatekeeper — 24/7 — around the globe.  Either you follow the rules of the government IT game or you don’t gain entry into the club. Oh, and by the way, this club was set up — OSTENSIBLY —  in the interest of National Security.  This patently false pretext is always asserted as the primary reason why they must have total control over your IT hardware and software every moment that it’s operating. And even when it’s not operating, incidentally.

The true Microsoft back story provides a perfect illustration of how this whole covert IT network was set up from the very beginning.  The CIA controllers simply recruited the pliable son of an IBM director who was CIA — that would be Bill Gates — and installed him as king of the PC market.  In this fashion were they able to control every single thing that Microsoft did and did not do.  When the top guy is completely controlled, it’s quite easy to control every level beneath them.  That’s why the drill sergeant Steve Ballmer was brought into the mix during a very sensitive time of development at Microsoft.  Gates was no longer dependable and Microsoft need a real hammer to keep the renegades in line. And this guy was set up as an IT Corporation CEO to do what?  Now you know why EVERYONE so hates the Windows operating system!

What’s the point?

The Windows operating system was purposefully designed to have various and sundry holes, both security and otherwise, from the get-go.  In this way Microsoft has an ‘excuse ‘ to enter your computer whenever they wish, as they do .  The many and diverse holes and gaps which were deliberately manufactured into the various security aspects especially provide another opportunity for anti-virus companies to set up your firewalls, and do whatever the heck else they want to in the meantime, without the computer user knowing that anything is going on.  Obviously every single keystroke has always been monitored and recorded.

With this understanding the following article ought to be read very carefully.  There are very specific reasons why Windows 10 is so incredibly aggressive about foisting their upgrade on every single PC user on the planet.  Perhaps it’s time for each and every PC owner to respond to this devolving and alarming situation.  Privacy is a right that this vast government-corporate conspiracy has completely removed from the Internet and from computer usage. Truly, IT devices and equipment are not even really owned by the owner anymore … not that they ever were.

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