Sam George

by: michael eli dokosi/

sam gPresidential staffer and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate Sam George Nettey a.k.a. Sam Dzata George has submitted that president Mahama contributed no funds to his campaign in toppling veteran politician E.T. Mensah to become the NDC’s candidate for Ningo-Prampram.

“I worked with Mr. Mensah in the office of the president so I suppose the president chose to be neutral and let the people’s choice emerge” he professed.

Speaking to Berla Mundi on Rhythmz Live tracked by, the 31 year old man who has educationists as parents explained he grew up in Lagos Nigeria where his dad had been posted to serve as technical head in charge of monitoring and setting up schools and only returned to Ghana to secure his first degree at the Kwame University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where he offered Agric Engineering.

Referred to as ‘Papa Anago’ when he returned to Ghana, Sam George noticed the fast pace of life in Lagos was a far cry to Kumasi’s laid back way of life.

With both parents hailing from Ningo in the Greater-Accra region, Sam George found it curious that naysayers sought to discredit him as a non-native.

The man who has 5 top breed dogs with names such as Isis and Zeus stated “I realized early on in becoming a politician that I needed to build a brand people could identify and associate with hence the choice of the dzata (lion) name. The lion is a king who when it puts its mind to something must achieve it or perish in doing so and such is my nature” the bulky presidential staffer disclosed.

According to Dzata, he has a personal relationship with Jesus perhaps grounded in the fact that he was a child evangelist a while back.

On how the political journey came about, Dzata submitted: “In 2003 I decided to go into politics so 13 years ago the journey begun. In 2008 I did a few political things, 2009 as well played a few roles but it was in 2010 that after appearing on eTV Ghana advancing the cause of the NDC that party gurus placed calls to me asking where I had erupted from. Since then I have represented the NDC on multiple platforms.”

Wishing his rival E.T. Mensah well on his 70th birthday, Sam Dzata George regretted comments he made in December 2014 about CPP presidential candidate Ivor Greenstreet needing elevation to see the Better Ghana Agenda stressing he was not one to mock Mr. Greenstreet’s handicap but has since learnt to be emphatic when making his submissions to eliminate ambiguity.

While some label him arrogant, rush, loud and boastful Mr. Sam Nettey holds a different view declaring “I am a confident forward looking person. The average Ghanaian is timid with the (min pei mi hu asem) mentality but I have leant to still be forthright but allow opponents to have a say when debating without barging in.”

He reckoned in the interview monitored by that it was time to afford the platform for the youth to take charge in politics, sports, business and entertainment instead of seeking to stop proactive youth in their tracks.

Even though he states that he has no godfather, the Communications Specialist in the office of the president contends he has senior politicians who have him at heart and offer him valuable counsel.

On how things stand between his good self and E.T Mensah, Dzata noted he last spoke to the Member of Parliament about a month ago adding that it was a work in progress to normalize their relationship after the acrimonious campaign.

Regarding his plan for the Ningo-Prampram constituency, Sam Nettey indicated that his focus is on the youth regarding education, sports and agriculture.

Education: Set up education trust fund to support dropouts who want to go back to school as well as assist others in skill acquisition to set up own businesses as well as build infrastructure to enhance education.

Sports: To support brilliant sports men and women in Ningo-Prampram secure clubs or teams locally and abroad.

Agriculture: Utilize vast lands to cultivate cassava for sale to the breweries to generate income and employment as well as boost the economic fortunes of the constituency.

The Jollof and Banku-Tilapia loving father of one mentioned playing soccer and video games as things which occupy him in his spare time.