The president of the Ga Traditional Council says there is likely to be more disasters in Accra following what he says is the wanton disregard for the ban on drumming and noise making.

Nuumo Akwaa Mensah says the gods have been offended by the continuous violation of the ban announced every year by Council to create a congenial environment to offer prayers to the gods for abundant rain.

He made the comments Friday, exactly a year after 150 people died in a horrific flood and fire disaster that struck at the heart of the City centre at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle on June 3.

While many attributed the disaster to the human factors including poor planning of the city and the indiscriminate disposal of garbage during heavy rains, the traditional council said the dumsor vigil which was held last year in protest over the energy crisis at the time, was the cause of the disaster.

In a report filed by Joy FM’s Michaela Anderson, the president of the Ga Council said the organisers of the vigil violated the ban on drumming and noise making and the gods had to punish the whole nation for that.

He insists the gods are still angry because the ban is being violated and the repercussions may be dire.

“Last year we all witnessed to series of disasters. The demonstrations that were organised by the youth dubbed dumsor vigil is absolutely the cause of the disaster we had.

“If everybody knows that thing was wrong and it was done in the wrong time, nobody needs to be blamed for that.

“Look at the number of lives that we lost, yet still it happened again, and again and we are facing the consequences and we are still not trying to go by the rules.

“Anything could happen; the feeling is there that we have offended the gods and something will surely happen,” he predicted.

Nuumo Akwaa Mensah says the Ga traditions have been disrespected for too long and it is about time they assert themselves.

As a result, he said the Ga Council constituted a task force to ensure the enforcement of the ban on drumming and noise making.

Meanwhile, the ban on drumming and noisemaking has been lifted in the Osu Traditional area.

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