June 3 flood survivor dog eventually dies

Almost all the narrations about June 3, 2015 in Ghana have been about the victims of the fire and flood disaster at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra but there were other kinds of victims in other parts of Accra as a result of the day’s rain.

As reported in The Mirror newspaper of July 16, 2015, a then five-month old German Shepherd dog that miraculously survived the flooding in Accra and its environs, developed a phobia for water.

The dog, called Zeus unfortunately did not recover from its predicament. It was not observed by its owner, Mrs Vida Appiah Twum, even to be drinking water and it eventually died on March 19, this year.

On the night of the rain, Zeus had been chained its home on 10 Crown Street at Community 20 in Tema. Its owner and her family realizing the steadily climbing level of water, sought refuge in the attic of their home, leaving Zeus outside in its chain.

The water rose up to about six feet and Zeus struggled to stay alive for six hours without being buried under the deluge. It apparently managed to keep its nose just above the water all the time.

Zeus used to be an aggressive animal but lost its aggression and did not respond to friendly human gestures after the flood incident. It even got irritated by the sound of tap water.

According to Mrs Twum, due to the dog’s unfortunate experience in chain on June 3, it was left to roam freely in the shouse byt it ws always difficult attempting to bathe it.

“Another dog in the house, a mongrel named Ashaiman, ‘announced’ the death of Zeus by barking all night. We found Zeus dead the following morning,” Mrs Twum said.



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