Keeping fit in your 40s has been found to lower the risk of stroke. Partaking in exercise is important at any age, and as well as helping us to look and feel great, regular fitness is also one of the best things we can do for our bodies. New research from the U.S. has even found that keeping fit in your 40s can cut the risk of a stroke in your 60s.

Led by the University of Texas’ Ambarish Pandey, the team of experts examined data from almost 20,000 men and women, all of whom had endured a treadmill fitness test when they were aged between 45 and 50. The participants’ health was then tracked until they were at least 65.

Results showed that the fittest 40 per cent at the start were 37 per cent less likely to suffer a stroke as they aged. Other factors such as blood pressure and diabetes were noted, but results stayed the same. The research has been published in journal Stroke, with author Ambarish commenting: “We all hear that exercise is good for you but many people still don’t do it.

“Our hope is that this objective data on preventing fatal disease such as stroke will help motivate people to get moving and get fit.”

In the U.K. strokes are one of the biggest killers, taking more lives than breast cancer in women and prostate and testicular cancer combined in men.

Adults are advised by the National Health Service (NHS) to complete moderate exercise five times a week, which can mean a brisk walk or cycle – anything that gets the blood pumping. It’s also recommended for adults aged between 19 and 64 to get in two sessions a week of strengthening exercises like yoga or weights.

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