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ok 2The Rap Dacta, Okyeame Kwame is molding into a fine business man. Not only did he offer his ‘Versatile’ show encompassing music, dance, drama and poetry. He’s also come up with his OK logo for easy identification and brand association.

He has also propelled his brand image taking his social responsibility seriously with his hepatitis B screening and outreach programmes.

Mr. Nsiah-Apau however is identified chiefly with music so popular tunes must be churned regularly to satisfy eager fans and so ‘Small Small’ was offered.

True it isn’t a smash hit like ‘Woso’, ‘Faithful’ or ‘Woara’ but the song has shown that if even its not a league topper it sure is a mid-table song slowly growing on the populace, helping get gigs for the husband and father of two and putting bread on the table.

‘Small Small’ is an epistle from a man in love to his lady imploring her to keep faith in him in dire times so together they can enjoy when the good times arrive.

Hear Mr. Versatile make his case //…if you want to walk with me then learn to crawl with me…//

He makes it clear that although he has no kobo now he is determined to make life comfortable for his good self and lady love for he is a man with vison. He adds he hopes to win a lottery and buy motor.

nkThe video of this song was shot by Phamous Philms and directed by seasoned man Gyo Gyimah. The first half of the film is situated in the 1960’s opening with a rare video of Nkrumah gearing up for a peace mission to expire the Vietnam War. The same war waged by capitalist elements in the U.S against Vietnam for which late Mohammad Ali objected to and stripped of his tile for yeas and yes the same war Ghana’s Nkrumah had sort to conclude when he was overthrown by the American, British, Israeli  and German security and state executives locally fronted by Ankrah, Kotoka and Harley.

okGyo weaves a story around a couple moving in to a new neighbourhood with a male child who quickly strikes an acquaintance with the female child of the resident couple played by the 2 children of Okyeame Kwame and his wife Ani.

That fertile relationship would blossom into an enduring union in adulthood played by Okyeame himself and featured artiste Mzvee.

Despite gaining admission into military college and leaving for further studies, the bond between the love birds remained strong culminating in marriage upon the return of the military officer and his lawyer robed damsel.

Gyo blends the black and white visuals with colour impressively but the wedding scene in particular deserves special mention.

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That marriage scene with its lush aerial shot, Kwame in his navy white attire and coloured badges, Mzvee in her flowing white gown couple with the white themed event is captured so vividly, clearly and so colourfully that you wonder what camera was deployed for such feat. It is testament to Gyo’s magic tricks when he is in the element.

Surely like a deadly footballer in a match, it matters not if for most periods in a game he sees little action as with one good chance he can bury the ball for a goal and in ‘Small Small’ Okyeame Kwame proves that you can keep the buzz on with a decent song and a carefully thought out video.

Sample ‘Small Small’ by Okyeame Kwame featuring Mzvee: