Muhammad Ali: Last portrait

Veteran Journalist, Cameron Duodu has eulogized late celebrated boxer, Mohammed Ali saying he feared for his life especially when Mr. Ali fought opponents who were bigger than him.

According to Mr. Duodu Mohammed Ali during his heydays fought boxers bigger and taller than him yet he triumphed over them.

“If you watched a fight of Ali, you will ask is he not afraid but he is just going. Sometimes I used to be frightened for him yet he wasn’t frightened,” he added.

Mr. Duodu, who had interviewed the celebrated boxer twice; once in Ghana and the second time in London, made the comment on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday.

The former world heavyweight boxing champion, died over the weekend aged 74 years after battling ill health.

Several tributes have continued to pour in for him both in Ghana and internationally after his demise.

Mr. Cameron also described Mohammed Ali as someone “who has an inbuilt ability to self-publicize.”

“He was a person who had in inbuilt ability to self-publicize, as soon as he opens his mouth; we have to write something down. So we all knew that this guy was a guy called the Louisville lip, he was promoting himself and they said he was going to fight Tony Liston. If you saw Tony Liston, not only was he big, but he looked wicked. So we all thought, good heavens, what is coming over this young man? If you want to fight somebody, why not wait for somebody to get rid of Liston and then you fight him but he said he would go. Then we went then he fought and he won.”

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