Efia Odo

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abeiku santanaWhen host of Okay FM’s drive time show Abeiku Santana threw an invite to producer cum actress Yvonne Nelson to reveal the inspiration behind her new offering ‘Heels and Sneakers’ set to be screened on GH One TV, the loud mouth host had no idea he would be stunned.

Although Miss Nelson dazed Mr. Santana when she submitted that although she’s heard of actress and emcee Afia Schwarzenegger, she’s not met her in person and had not beheld any of her visuals.

The bigger shock was however to come when he was prompted perhaps by his producer that Instagram princess Efia Odo was part of the cast in the studio with Yvonne. For Abeiku could not believe the damsel whose explicit photos continue to turn heads and whet appetites on the social media platform was the one right before him.

edia-odo efia odo33

Poignantly when Santana confessed she looked different when covered up to when exposed Efia replied “of course you couldn’t recognize me because you always feast your eyes on my boobs and butts like many of the other men on Instagram” to which married Abeiku conceded he wouldn’t mind ‘pounding’ her.

yvonne nelson heels afia odo

Andrea Owusu better marked out as Efia Odo says she was born in Dwaben but later migrated to the U.S.

heels n sneakersAccording to the bikini loving actress, she came to Ghana to set in motion her acting career except some hold that she is doing less of professional acting and more of nude work.

If for nothing, the film roles are coming through e.g. (Heels & Sneakers) and she in her own way seems to keep her pages active and lively, something others crave for but are weary about the sometimes harsh ‘loose’ girl tag.