Women are left feeling more anxious than men, a new study has found. In this day and age many women boast “having it all”, successfully juggling both a career and a family, and no longer having to chose between the two. But scientists from Britain’s Cambridge University have found that women are almost twice as likely to suffer from stress and anxiety, compared to men.

The team came up with their findings after collating data from 48 previous studies focusing on the condition.

It was also found that people of both sexes under the age of 35 are more likely to feel anxiety, compared to older people.

“So much research and so much focus has been around depression and, while that is an important disorder, so is anxiety,” said study author Olivia Remes. “Anxiety can also lead to disability, impairment (and) it can increase the risk for suicide.”

The research has been published in journal Brain and Behaviour. The Cambridge experts identified and explored trends in anxiety across groups of people including those with chronic diseases, gamblers and pregnant women. Clear patterns emerged during the research, and as well as women and people under 35 having a higher risk of experiencing anxiety, those suffering from chronic diseases were also more likely to have anxiety than those who are healthy.

“It could be that medication for certain diseases could be triggering anxiety, it could also be that the disease itself might be triggering this anxiety, or people with anxiety might be more likely to experience inflammation in their body – and this inflammation can then give rise to later physical diseases,” Olivia speculated.

The findings also revealed that about 4 per cent of people worldwide have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, though the actual number of undiagnosed sufferers is likely to be a lot higher.


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